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When dreams come true...

The Italian Clubsieger 2002
Bergamo, 23rd June

It was probably the warmest day of Summer 2002, that 23rd of June, in Bergamo. On the occasion of the Italian Klubsieger, the ABC members’ most important annual event, there were so many people together with their dachshunds.

Among them, lightly breathless and in late, as usual, I arrived, upset because of the warm. Unloaded my bags and dogs, I looked for a seat in the shade. The competition started and I was waiting for my turn when, surprisingly, I found myself very calm, much more relaxed than usual, probably “because of the warm”.

That was the best atmosphere for such a meeting, many friends around to talk to and to joke at. Tocai and I entered the competition for a place in Young Class. Only three dogs before us, then it was my turn.

My worry was not the waiting but just the sultry weather that was wearing out my dog and I. Here we are! We got a 1° Exc. by a very professional and qualified judge, Claudio Montefusco.

Surprisingly I achieved the First Place, I mean, my dog was Italian Young Klubsieger. “Tocco”, I said him, “congratulations, indeed!”. At his third competition, he was already a budding champion. I tried to call home and my closest friends, I couldn’t get through to anyone, so I hugged people present, my happiness was great. Perhaps, my sister Laura was happier than me, in fact, I am aware that strain as well as happiness are even stronger outside the ring. Tocai, instead, was rewarded by a bathe; so, I dipped him into the tank of water properly arranged and at exhibitor disposal.

Time was flying and I had to enter for the BOB, a competition in which four wonderful dogs were taking part (besides Tocai, two subjects from Champion Class – Male and Bitch – and the Young Best Bitch). To my great surprise, we got it, it was unbelievable! I couldn’t understand what was happening around me, such was my great happiness. Perhaps I cried, I run towards my sister and I clasped her as strong as never before (it didn’t even cross nobody mind to do it with such a hot weather!). I got the wonderful BOB rosette and I proudly showed it to everybody.

Now, we only had to wait for the two Honour Rings: the Best in Show Young and the Best in Show of the Day. I was already at the utmost of my happiness and I only cared about Tocco, watering, giving him to drink and fondling him.

Here we are: I entered the Best in Show Young Ring, quite a crowded one (we were eighteen). Everyone paraded at its best. Once again the judge was Montefusco, who picked up four subjects and one of them, Tocai, was chosen for the First Place. I couldn’t believe it, I was in mine seventh heaven! I received a lot of awards: Giuliana Feri Trophy, rosette and diploma.

In no time, we entered the Best in Show of the Day Ring. Now the judge was Andreas Fichtl. We were divided by type of coat.

First of all, the Long-Haired subjects, among which the Miniature Pam della Canterana was chosen. Second of all, the Smooth-Haired Dachshund, among them the Standard Demetra di Villahermosa was selected and, then, the Wire-Haired ones.

It seemed to be my longest tour in a ring but Tocco and I couldn’t give in. I didn’t think we could win but we had to try. Well, we succeeded in it, we were selected as Best Wire-Haired of the Day (Allevamento della Blenda Trophy). There were three of us; we already were on the podium. Could it be true?

I didn’t realize: Tocai della Canterana, my 14-month-old dachshund, had become BIS at the Italian Klubsieger 2002: he was on the top of the podium!!! I took a glance at Laura, she was crying. So much work repaid in the twilling of an eye. I am not sure I can convey every emotion I was feeling, it is impossible. I got a lot of awards, among them, the most important: the Rio Negri Trophy and I can’t deny it was beyond my wildest dream. That time I got it!

I would like to thank all of those that helped me making my dreams comes true.
First of all, the breeder of Tocai who, on account of lots of request and entreaty, used my male with the bitch I had been asking for a long time; Tocco’s dresseur (thanks Paolo: the dog was perfect and seemed to be a “ring professional dachshund”); the judges that believed in Tocco: Andreas Fichtl and Claudio Montefusco; the ABC that organized a perfect day and, last of all, Tocai della Canterana, without whom I couldn’t live the best day of my life.

Thanks a lot Tocco!

Lucia Ranza

(From “B come Bassotto”, Official A.B.C. Information Magazine, Year III, nr. 3, September 2002)

(Translated into English by Emanuela Trombetta)

Thanks to Gabriella and Luigi Cavalchini, Roberta and Pierino Porzio that provided us with the Bergamo Best in Show pictures.